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Bridge the gap to AGI
with automated AI agents
for ChatGPT Plus.

Ready to Start Working For You

Meet Your Fully Automated AI Agents

No API Key Needed and No Coding Skills Required

Powered by ChatGPT Plus and Google Chrome

Easily Build Your Own Automated Workflows for ChatGPT

AGI Layer AI agents uses a combination of expertly crafted prompt-chaining workflows and Chrome browser automation to fully automate ChatGPT across all of its models including the new multi-modal GPT-4o.

Get your time back and boost your productivity & efficiency.

Setup only takes a few minutes to put ChatGPT to work for you while you focus on your priorities.

Custom workflows are a series of tasks or prompts for ChatGPT to run in a sequence, one after the other.

It can be anything you need done.

☑️ Copywriting
☑️ Searching the web
☑️ Image generation (DALL·E 3)
☑️ Data analysis
☑️ Coding

NEW: With AGI Layer Pro you can access our Workflow Generator Tool powered by GPT-4 to instantly generate personalized workflows!

Have Trinity research the latest news and trends in your chosen industry or write copy with highly relevant context. This is our most versatile agent that works on all models.

Maybe you need some graphics with perfect text? Sonny can handle all your DALL·E 3 image generations, hands-free.

Want to develop full-featured code in one-shot or perform detailed data analysis and reporting? Flynn has you covered on several ChatGPT models including Vision and Advanced Data Analysis.

There are infinite possibile use cases for AGI Layer, but the main thing is it runs any series of tasks by itself! Hands-free.

Get your time back! ⏱️

Go walk your dog or take a nap while ChatGPT works on things like:

  • Onboard your new client and generate marketing strategy and SWOT analysis, then write them a personalized welcome email
  • Generate a series of reports
  • Analyze and provide SEO  recommendations for a website
  • Generate a series of images of different types with DALL·E 3.
Start delegating work to ChatGPT! 🦾

You can create any combination of workflows! Customize them for your business and start putting ChatGPT to work for you.

You can get instant access now to AGI Layer Basic for $125/y or AGI Layer Pro for all 3 agents + bonuses for $189/y.

Purchase the AGI Layer Founder’s bundle for a one-time payment of $288 for a limited time and get all future updates.

Use your own ChatGPT Plus subscription! No API costs at all.

The difference is pretty simple but important! AGI Layer Pro and Founder’s Bundle members will get these extra features:

  • Enable workflow transitions between ChatGPT models
  • Get all advanced pre-made workflows
  • Workflow Generator AI tool
  • Get instant access to AutoGPT agent (Beta)
  • See our Pricing Table for more details.

With AGI Layer Basic you do not receive these features.

Book a Demo to Learn How AGI Layer Can Go to Work for Your Business!

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Bridge The gap

Intelligent Automation Between You and AI

Multi-modal Generative AI is here, and AGI is just around the corner. AGI Layer is the missing link, allowing you to manage workflows and automate ChatGPT interactions and all of its powerful AI models.

With just 2 hours of ChatGPT AI Agents assisting with your typical workday, you can boost productivity by 25% or more.

Increased Productivity
AGI Layer — unlock new possibilities

ChatGPT Automation Opens Up Unbelievable Opportunities

Accomplish things you didn’t think were possible, all fully-automated working for you behind the scenes!


Fully Automated ChatGPT in Chrome

Finally put AI to work! Run entire prompt series, multiple chats, generate images — all while you're out to lunch.

Time-Saving AI Agent Workflows

Create powerful custom workflows that can transition between GPT-4 models to search the web, create images + more.

No Extra Costs or API Keys Required

Use your ChatGPT Plus subscription and automate it in just a few minutes. No API keys. No coding skills required.

The Missing Layer for Generative AI

AGI is just around the corner. Are you going to be ready to take full advantage of its capabilities?

Works Alongside You in Another Tab

You can continue working and check in on your AI agents progress anytime.

Manage & Organize All Your Prompts

Customize by adding your own prompt library. Easily add your prompts to custom workflows.

Automate ChatGPT
With Your Own AI Agents

AGI Layer requires  ChatGPT Plus and Chrome Browser to operate.
After your purchase, receive instant access to AGI Layer AI agents. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running.

AGI Layer Basic

$125per year
  • One AI Agent (Trinity)
  • 3 Custom Workflows
  • Build Your Own Workflows
  • Support Documents
Get AGI Layer
Best Value

AGI Layer Pro

$189per year
  • All 3 AI Agents
  • 12 Custom Workflows
  • Workflow Generator Tool
  • 11 Custom Instructions
  • Model Transitions
  • AutoGPT (Beta)
Get AGI Layer Pro
Limited Time

Founder's Bundle

$288one-time payment
  • All Current and Future AI Agents 
  • All Current and Future Workflows
  • Workflow Generator Tool
  • 1-on-1 Walkthrough
  • AutoGPT (Beta)
Get AGI Layer Pro+

Want AGI Layer to automate ChatGPT for your whole team and share workflows? Contact us.

💜 AGI Layer Pro & Bundle Bonus Gift #1

Start With 12 Pre-made
AI Agent Workflows

Purchase AGI Layer Pro or Founder’s Bundle and you’ll receive these 12 custom workflows that you can have up and running in minutes!

Example Workflows
  • NEW: Generate an entire eBook → Generate book cover graphics
  • Research the latest trends → Write a blog post → Generate images with DALL·E 3 → Generate image variations.
  • Provide a graphics brief to DALL·E 3 → Generate images → Generate multiple variations and formats.
  • Generate code outline → Write entire code → Include missing features → Package and download code
💜 AGI Layer Pro & Bundle Bonus Gift #2

Run Your Own Multi-Modal AutoGPT AI Agents (Beta)

We’ve released an AutoGPT AI agent that works autonomously and provides instructions for itself to complete tasks on ChatGPT across multiple models.

The AutoGPT AI agent is experimental and evolving, but is currently live and working on all models and GPT-4o models and custom GPTs.

Purchase AGI Layer Pro or the Founder’s Bundle to get instant access to beta test and customize the AutoGPT AI agent for ChatGPT Plus.

💜 AGI Layer Pro & Bundle Bonus Gift #3

Get 11 ChatGPT Custom Instructions Including Save, Humanize & More

You can include these 11 Custom Instructions within your AGI Layer workflows to do some pretty amazing things!

AGI Layer Pro and Founder’s Bundle members get these commands to Save, Analyze, Humanize, Self-reflect, Translate, Analyze and much more. The ChatGPT Command Pack bonus is available exclusively to bundle purchases. ($49 Value)

Here's What They Think

AGI Layer Testimonials

"I am very happy with the milage I have gotten from AGI Layer and with the decision to buy it! The prompts are very powerful and well crafted. Especially the AutoGPT Agent. It is very versatile and my go to prompt for more complex goals requiring experts from various fields. I have successfully used it for automation, technical projects, marketing, research and more."
Martin Liljenberg
CTO & Founder, WeSafe IT
Screenshot 2024-02-10 064838
"AutoGPT Agent is your personal AI helper, ready to assist your tasks efficiently."
Rowan Cheung
Founder, The Rundown AI Newsletter
"The AutoGPT Agent to has been a lifesaver! It handles market research, content strategizing, scheduling meetings, and email replies. It's basically everything a soloprenuer needs (all in one).

It produces unmatched results, frees up my time from administrative tasks, allowing more focus on creative tasks."
Wei Ya Lai
Founder, AI Writer's Lab

Bridge the gap to AGI.

Automate ChatGPT with AI Agents and AutoGPT capability.

💜 Free gift for early adopters!

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AGI Layer is not owned, operated, or affiliated with OpenAI or ChatGPT in any way.

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