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Even AGI Won't Do Anything Without You

A well-crafted ChatGPT prompt can generate incredible results. Now you can automate workflows across all of the incredible GPT-4 models.

  • Elegant system for automating ChatGPT
  • User-friendly workflow creation
  • Fully automate tasks and workflows
  • Transition seamlessly between models or multiple chats
  • Fantastic way to manage, organize and share prompts
  • Get a massive boost in productivity
The AGI Layer Story

Developed by Expert Prompt Engineers

AGI Layer was founded and developed by Mark Fulton, an expert prompt engineer and solopreneur. Mark is also the founder of ReinventingAI, The Ultimate AI Course, SmartGPT prompt engineering AI tools, and several other AI tools.

Expert-Level Prompt Engineering
Advanced AI Automation
Marketing & Business Solutions
Designer & Developer Solutions

We Aim to Be Your Bridge to AI, AGI and Beyond

You'll always need to instruct AI and provide your expert guidance. AGI Layer will be the system you use to fully leverage these powerful models.

Start putting AI to work for you with workflows you define.

Minimum 2 Hours Saved Per Day
Increase in Productivity
Hands Free Automation
Work Days Saved Per Year

Bridge the gap to AGI.

Automate ChatGPT with AI Agents and AutoGPT capability.

💜 Free gift for early adopters!

© 2024 AGI Layer by Mark Fulton. All rights reserved.
AGI Layer is not owned, operated, or affiliated with OpenAI or ChatGPT in any way.

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