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AutoGPT Custom GPT Available Now

Introducing AutoGPT Agent: Your Personal AI Assistant

Exciting news! Today we are launching a new custom GPT for ChatGPT Plus. Meet the AutoGPT Agent, your personal AI assistant who can work to complete tasks automatically.

What is AutoGPT Agent?

AutoGPT Agent is a semi-autonomous AI assistant built as a Custom GPT that is designed to:

  • Plan
  • Research
  • Strategize
  • Complete tasks using multi-modal tools

With just a few keystrokes, you can delegate tasks to this powerful AI agent.

AutoGPT Agent’s Capabilities

Powered by GPT-4, AutoGPT Agent follows detailed instructions to:

  • Identify steps for task completion
  • Generate content, images, and code
  • Research using Browse with Bing web search
  • Create images using DALL·E 3 image generation
  • Use Code Interpreter to run Python code and complete advanced requests like generating charts or analyzing or modifying data.

Semi-Autonomous Control

You have the control to:

  • Approve next steps
  • Intervene with additional instructions
  • Start new task chains
  • Provide more context

Efficiency and Fun

Not only is AutoGPT Agent ultra-efficient, but it’s also super fun to work with. Blast through tasks with lightning speed, all with a few keystrokes.

Don’t miss out on this exciting update. Try AutoGPT Agent now and share the experience with your friends.

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