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Automate ChatGPT-4 and New Custom GPTs

We’ve got some great news to share. 📢 AGI Layer is tested and working with ChatGPT-4 update!

The dev day announcements were amazing!

First and foremost, AGI Layer will survive and thrive through ChatGPT changes. We’re not competing with ChatGPT features, we’re leveraging them with automation!

🔹 Workflows are now faster!

🔹 AI agents just got more powerful

🔹 Huge context window available 128k

🔹 Model transitions are now optional

🔹 Will support transitions to custom GPTs!

🔹 AutoGPT agent tested and working even better

Customer Update Shortly

AGI Layer customers can expect an update by EOD tomorrow 📆 with updated model transitions and an improved AutoGPT agent.

Our #AutoGPT agent works so much smoother now!

We look forward to delivering new workflows with these expanded capabilities and new possibilities for automating #ChatGPT!

Dev Day Recap and Insights

OpenAI Dev Day — 3 Key Highlights & 3 Takeaways! 🗝️

1. GPT Builder – You’ll be able to create and share your own custom versions of ChatGPT with multi-modal capability. Later this month they are launching the GPT Store to monetize where they will be doing a revenue share for the most popular apps. 🤑

2. Assistants API & DALL·E 3 API – Developers just got incredible new tools that allow conversation memory, Code Interpreter function calls and they’ve also released a DALL·E 3 API for generating images. 🤯

3. GPT-4 Turbo – Get longer context, improved accuracy, better knowledge, new capabilities like generating images/audio, and lower pricing compared to previous models.

3 Key Takeaways — (Why these updates are a BIG deal!) ✨

🔹 OpenAI just gave some incredibly powerful tools to devs. This is not to be understated.

🔹 You’ll begin to see some incredibly advanced and capable AI apps

🔹 The most powerful model goes mainstream, finally apps and tools will start using the higher quality GPT-4 model.

We can’t wait to play with all the new features. What are you most excited about? Leave a comment and let us know.

For official information on the new custom GPTs feature please visit the OpenAI blog here.

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