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New Semi-Autonomous AutoGPT Agent

Introducing Semi-Autonomous AutoGPT Agent Custom GPT Instructions by AGI Layer. Create your own semi-autonomous custom GPT! 🦾

Our fully-autonomous agent is powered by advanced prompt engineering and our Chrome browser extension. A first of it’s kind.

By popular demand we have released semi-autonomous instructions based on our AutoGPT Agent which has blown past 10,000+ uses on ChatGPT.

AGI Layer customers can now create their own version of our AutoGPT Agent as a Custom GPT on ChatGPT.

☑️ Personalize a role and functions

☑️ Build a custom GPT that will work semi-autonomously

☑️ Automation to accomplish any goals you or your user define

This development offers members the unique opportunity to craft a personalized AI agent tailored to their specific needs, whether for integration within the ChatGPT platform or for exclusive use with clients and customers​.

Key Features of AutoGPT Agent 🔑

  • Semi-Autonomous Functionality: Enjoy the flexibility of intervening with the AI’s operations, providing additional instructions, and initiating new task chains as you see fit.
  • Multi-Modal Capabilities: Leverage the power of GPT-4, enabling your AutoGPT Agent to generate content, images, code, and more, utilizing tools such as DALL·E 3 for image creation and Code Interpreter for running Python scripts​​.
  • Efficiency & Usability: The AutoGPT Agent is designed not only to enhance productivity by swiftly tackling tasks but also to provide an engaging and enjoyable user experience​​.

What Could You Build? ✨

☑️ Build your own smart assistant

☑️ Create a super simple to use GPT for clients that works for them

☑️ Personalize the welcome message, commands and functions

✅ Potential is only limited by your imagination

Build Yours Today

Purchase AGI Layer Pro or Founder’s Bundle today to automate ChatGPT and personalize your AutoGPT Agent.

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