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New Semi-Autonomous AutoGPT Agent

Introducing Semi-Autonomous AutoGPT Agent Custom GPT Instructions by AGI Layer. Create your own semi-autonomous custom GPT! šŸ¦¾

Our fully-autonomous agent is powered by advanced prompt engineering and our Chrome browser extension. A first of it’s kind.

By popular demand we have released semi-autonomous instructions based on our AutoGPT Agent which has blown past 10,000+ uses on ChatGPT.

AGI Layer customers can now create their own version of our AutoGPT Agent as a Custom GPT on ChatGPT.

ā˜‘ļø Personalize a role and functions

ā˜‘ļø Build a custom GPT that will work semi-autonomously

ā˜‘ļø Automation to accomplish any goals you or your user define

This development offers members the unique opportunity to craft a personalized AI agent tailored to their specific needs, whether for integration within the ChatGPT platform or for exclusive use with clients and customersā€‹.

Key Features of AutoGPT Agent šŸ”‘

  • Semi-Autonomous Functionality: Enjoy the flexibility of intervening with the AI’s operations, providing additional instructions, and initiating new task chains as you see fit.
  • Multi-Modal Capabilities: Leverage the power of GPT-4, enabling your AutoGPT Agent to generate content, images, code, and more, utilizing tools such as DALLĀ·E 3 for image creation and Code Interpreter for running Python scriptsā€‹ā€‹.
  • Efficiency & Usability: The AutoGPT Agent is designed not only to enhance productivity by swiftly tackling tasks but also to provide an engaging and enjoyable user experienceā€‹ā€‹.

What Could You Build? āœØ

ā˜‘ļø Build your own smart assistant

ā˜‘ļø Create a super simple to use GPT for clients that works for them

ā˜‘ļø Personalize the welcome message, commands and functions

āœ… Potential is only limited by your imagination

Build Yours Today

Purchase AGI Layer Pro or Founder’s Bundle today to automate ChatGPT and personalize your AutoGPT Agent.

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