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The Rise of AI Agents and What to Do About Them

AI is crafting a world of ‘fake intentional systems’. The most outstanding of late are AI agents. Daniel Dennett argues why this matters and what we need to do about it.

In this talk on Big Think, Emeritus Professor and prolific author Daniel Dennett discusses the “intentional stance” — our tendency to attribute agency to complex systems.

This idea is increasingly relevant as AI grows more sophisticated and AGI agents loom on the horizon.

He raises critical questions about our interactions with AI and the potential risks.

Particularly agents that simulate human characteristics.

Dennett goes on to explain how we need to have informed government action and regulation.

This will be key to navigate a world where technology challenges our very perception of truth and intention.

Do you think we will do enough to limit harm to society in time?

How can we build AI safeguards and awareness of agentic systems that may pose threats?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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